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Grimme Rollers
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Grimme Rollers

Our universal rollers make a great substitution for genuine Grimme parts.

Simply call our sales team and we can assist you in procuring the correct rollers for your machine.


12-100-22 ROLLER GRIM RUBBER 100MM FLANGED 200.295859(38MM SHOULDER) 200.29585
12-100-127 ROLLER GRIM RUBBER 100MM FLANGED 200.11197
12-75-02 RA.75.RF.16 75MM X 60MM X 16MM - FLANGED, CAPPED 602.00281
12-75-03 RA.75.RU.16 75MM X 60MM X 16MM -  PLAIN, CAPPED 602.00070
12-95-52 RA.95.RU.16 95MM X 60MM X 16MM - PLAIN, CAPPED


12-95-011 RA.95.RF.16 95MM X 60MM X 16MM - FLANGED, CAPPED 200.38132
12-90-54  RS.90.RU.16. 90MM X 35MM X 16MM PU PLAIN 088.00168
12-65-061 RS.65.RU.12 65MM X 35MM X 12MM PU PLAIN 200.17208
12-60-03  PO.60.MU.16 60MM X 51MM X 16MM PU PLAIN 200.30645
12-101-04 ROLLER SHAKER 120/60 CAPPED 16MM BOLT (AGITATOR) 200.34296
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Off the shelf or custom made we can make a provide a web for you


We supply a range of round bars, twin bars (bulb), half round bars as well as bespoke polyurethane bars

Web Attachments

Our web attachments are developed to make your web function exactly as you need it to


We supply a comprehensive range of farmer-friendly drives in steel, cast iron or polyurethane


Our line of farmer-friendly rollers includes both steel and polyurethane, and provides a range of functions from lightweight elevator rollers to roller shakers


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