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As a major component in webs, we take great care in ensuring that the webs we supply are of the highest quality to produce effective, reliable results. We supply a range of round bars, twin bars (bulb), convex bars as well as bespoke polyurethane rods available in almost any dimensions.

Our comprehensive range of rods will suit a variety of needs from harvesting to washing. If you are not sure which bars will best suit your needs, our friendly staff are always happy to guide you.

Bars we supply:


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Off the shelf or custom made we can make a provide a web for you


We supply a range of round bars, twin bars (bulb), half round bars as well as bespoke polyurethane bars

Web Attachments

Our web attachments are developed to make your web function exactly as you need it to


We supply a comprehensive range of farmer-friendly drives in steel, cast iron or polyurethane


Our line of farmer-friendly rollers includes both steel and polyurethane, and provides a range of functions from lightweight elevator rollers to roller shakers


A large selection of web joints for use on practically any kind of web.

Polyurethane Moulding
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