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At RS Hall we are the UK’s leading supplier of spare parts for webs, de-stoners and harvesters. We have a wealth of experience with agricultural machinery, and we can help you to determine the correct part for what you need, and get it to you as quickly as possible, minimizing downtime to your machinery. We can also make bespoke parts in some cases if a spare can’t be sourced.

Our extensive stock includes a wide range of fastenings, including every fastening you would need for your webs and web attachments. All of our fastenings are carefully sourced to provide optimum strength and durability as well as excellent value for money. Our fastenings are available in mild, high tensile and stainless steel in all common sizes. Feel free to get in touch to make sure we have your desired fastenings in stock.

Nuts & bolts

We stock a wide variety of nuts and bolts, including every type that you are likely to need for your rollers and sprockets. Simply give us a ring to check that we have your required nuts and/or bolts in stock.


We supply rivets in a range of different sizes and materials for all of your web needs. We also supply riveting tools if needed. Our staff have a wealth of knowledge with webs, and would be happy to help you chose the best rivets for your needs.


The backing plates we offer are available with either 6 or 5 millimetre holes, and with 32 or 20 millimetre hole centres. Our backing plates come either countersunk or threaded depending on your requirements.



Off the shelf or custom made we can make a provide a web for you


We supply a range of round bars, twin bars (bulb), half round bars as well as bespoke polyurethane bars

Web Attachments

Our web attachments are developed to make your web function exactly as you need it to


We supply a comprehensive range of farmer-friendly drives in steel, cast iron or polyurethane


Our line of farmer-friendly rollers includes both steel and polyurethane, and provides a range of functions from lightweight elevator rollers to roller shakers


A large selection of web joints for use on practically any kind of web.

Polyurethane Moulding
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